In May 1984.

In May 1984, “London” label released “Mange Tout”, the second Blancmange album. It was recorded August-November 1983, at “Marcus Music”, “Sarm East” and “Island Studios” in London and “Sigma Sound” in New York City, and was produced by John Luongo, Peter Collins, John Owen Williams, Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe.


  • Neil Arthur- vocal, drums, clarinet
  • David Rhodes, Malcolm Ross – guitars
  • Stephen Luscombe – keyboards, piano, trumpet
  • Bobby Collins -bass guitar
  • Neil Jason, David McClymont – bass guitar
  • Pandit Dinesh- tabla, mada, percussion
  • Deepak Khazanchi -sitar
  • Blair Cunningham -Hi-Hat
  • Bashira Johnson -percussion
  • Bashira Johnson -bells, percussion
  • Jerry Marotta – percussion
  • Deepak Khazanchi –santoor
  • The Uptown Horns -horns
  • Valerie Ponomoren -trumpet
  • Joe Mosello – trumpet
  • Vinnie Della-Rocca, Jim Clouse -saxophones
  • Keith O’Quinn, Jack Gale -trombone
  • Andy Findon -flute
  • Gavyn Wright, Roy Gillard -violin
  • Garf Jackson -viola
  • Nigel Warren Green -cello
  • Tawaitha Agee, Brenda White, Vernice – backing vocals
  • Dolette McDonald, Brenda Jay Nelson, Jocelyn Brown, Tawaitha Agee, Brenda White, Vernice, Michelle Cobbs, Janice Pendarvis- backing  vocals
  • James Biondolillo -maestro
  • Linton Naiff – arrangements
  • Jay Mark, Richard Digby-Smith, Julian Mendlesohn, James Docherty, Michael Hutchinson, John Potaka – engineer
  • Femi Jiya, Matthew Wallis, Steve Street, Linda Randazzo, Jimmy Santis, Elisa Gura, Melanie West, Glenn Rosenstein – engineer assistant
  • Dennis Weinrich, John Owen Williams – remix
  • Atkins & Marcx, Town & Country Planning – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Neil Arthur and Stephen Luscombe, except where noted.

  1. Don’t Tell Me
  2. Game Above My Head
  3. Blind Vision
  4. Time Became The Tide
  5. That’s Love, That It Is
  6. Murder
  7. See the Train
  8. All Things Are Nice
  9. My Baby
  10. The Day Before You Came – Andersson, Ulvaeus



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