In May 1972.

In May 1972, “A&M” label released “Come from the Shadows”, the fourteen Joan Baez album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Quadrophonic Sound Studios” in Nashville, and was produced by Joan Baez.


  • Joan Baez – vocals, guitar
  • Stuart Basore – steel guitar
  • Weldon Myrick – steel guitar
  • Pete Wade – guitar
  • Grady Martin– guitar
  • John “Bucky” Wilkin – guitar
  • David Briggs– keyboard
  • Glen Spreen – keyboards, string arrangements
  • Charlie McCoy– harp, guitar
  • Norbert Putnam– bass
  • Kenneth Buttrey– drums
  • Farrell Morris – percussion

Track listing:

  1. Prison Trilogy (Billy Rose) – Joan Baez
  2. Rainbow Road – Donnie Fritts, Dan Penn
  3. Love Song to a Stranger – Joan Baez
  4. Myths – Joan Baez
  5. In the Quiet Morning – Mimi Fariña
  6. All the Weary Mothers of the Earth (People’s Union #1) – Joan Baez
  7. To Bobby – Joan Baez
  8. Song of Bangladesh – Joan Baez
  9. A Stranger in My Place – Kenny Rogers, Kin Vassy
  10. Tumbleweed – Douglas Van Arsdale
  11. The Partisan – Anna Marly, Hy Zaret
  12. Imagine – John Lennon

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