In May 1972.

In May 1972, “Motown” label released “Floy Joy”, the twenty-fifth Supremes album.  It was recorded 1971-1972, and was produced by Smokey Robinson.


  • Jean Terrell- lead and backing vocals
  • Mary Wilson- lead and backing vocals
  • Cindy Birdsong- lead and backing vocals
  • The Andantes(Louvain Demps, Jackie Hicks, Marlene Barrow) – additional backing vocals
  • Instrumentation byThe Funk Brothers:
    • Dennis Coffey- guitar
    • Robert White- guitar
    • Eddie Willis- guitar
    • Marvin Tarplin- guitar
    • Earl Van Dyke- piano, keyboards
    • Johnny Griffith- piano, keyboards
    • James Jamerson- bass
    • Zachary Slater – drums
    • Andrew Smith – drums
    • Jack Ashford- percussion
    • Jack Brokensha- percussion
    • Eddie “Bongo” Brown- percussion
  • Paul Riser- arranger
  • Jim Britt – photography
  • Berry Gordy- executive producer

Track listing:

  1. Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love – Smokey Robinson
  2. Floy Joy – SmokeyRobinson
  3. A Heart Like Mine – Smokey Robinson,Ronald White
  4. Over and Over – Smokey Robinson
  5. Precious Little Things – Smokey Robinson,Marvin Tarplin, Pam Moffett
  6. Now the Bitter, Now the Sweet – Smokey Robinson, Cecil Franklin
  7. Automatically Sunshine – Smokey Robinson
  8. The Wisdom of Time – Smokey Robinson, Pam Moffett, Clifford Burston
  9. Oh Be My Love – Smokey Robinson,Warren Moore

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