In May 1970.

In May 1970, “Vanguard” label released “CJ Fish”, the fifth Country Joe and the Fish album. It was recorded in January 1970 at the “Record Plant” in Los Angeles, and was produced by Tom Wilson.


  • Joe McDonald: vocals, guitar
  • Barry Melton: vocals, guitar
  • Greg Dewey: drums
  • Doug Metzner: bass guitar
  • Mark Kapner: keyboard
  • Peter Albin: guitar
  • Art direction: Jules Halfant
  • Cover art: David Edward Byrd
  • Back liner photo: Jules Kliot

Track listing:

  1. Sing Sing Sing – Barry Melton
  2. She’s a Bird – Joe McDonald
  3. Mara – Joe McDonald
  4. Hang On – Joe McDonald
  5. The Baby Song – Joe McDonald
  6. Hey Bobby – Joe McDonald
  7. Silver and Gold – Joe McDonald
  8. Rockin’ Round the World – Joe McDonald
  9. The Love Machine – Barry Melton
  10. The Return of Sweet Lorraine – Joe McDonald
  11. Hand of Man – Joe McDonald



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