Johnny Cash: Everybody Loves a Nut

In May 1966, “Columbia” label released “Everybody Loves a Nut”, the 23rd Johnny Cash. It was recorded March 1965-January 1966, and was produced by Don Law and Frank Jones. The album features number of humorous novelty songs.


  • Johnny Cash – vocals, guitar, harmonica
  • Luther Perkins, Norman Blake- guitar
  • Bob Johnson – guitar, flute, banjo
  • Bill Pursell- piano
  • Marshall Grant- bass
  • S. Holland- drums
  • Jack Elliott- yodel
  • The Carter Family, The Statler Brothers- backing vocals
  • Jack Davis – cover art

Track listing:

  1. Everybody Loves a Nut – Jack Clement
  2. The One on the Right Is on the Left – Jack Clement
  3. A Cup of Coffee – Jack Elliot
  4. The Bug That Tried to Crawl Around the World – Jr Hall, Johnny Cash
  5. The Singing Star’s Queen – Jackson King, Bill Mack
  6. Austin Prison – Johnny Cash
  7. Dirty Old Egg Sucking Dog – Jack Clement
  8. Take Me Home – Jack Clement, Allen Reynolds
  9. Please Don’t Play Red River Valley – Johnny Cash
  10. Boa Constrictor – Shel Silbersten
  11. Joe Bean – Bud Freeman, Leon Pober

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