Mary Wells: Mary Wells Sings My Guy

In May 1964, “Motown” label released “Mary Wells Sings My Guy”, the fourth studio Mary Wells album. It was recorded 1963-1964, and was produced by Smokey Robinson.


  • Mary Wells- lead vocals
  • The Andantes- backing vocals
  • The Love-Tones – backing vocals
  • Eddie Holland- backing vocals
  • The Funk Brothers- instrumentation
  • Dezo Hoffmann- front cover photography
  • Lee Ivory – sleeve notes.

Track listing:

  1. He’s The One I Love – Smokey Robinson
  2. Whisper You Love Me Boy – Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier
  3. My Guy – Smokey Robinson
  4. Does He Love Me – William “Mickey” Stevenson
  5. How? (When My Heart Belongs To You) – Smokey Robinson
  6. He Holds His Own – Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier
  7. My Baby Just Cares for Me – Gus Kahn, Walter Donaldson
  8. I Only Have Eyes for You – Al Dubin, Harry Warren
  9. You Do Something to Me – Cole Porter
  10. It Had to Be You – Gus Kahn, Isham Jones
  11. If You Love Me (Really Love Me) – Geoffrey Parsons, Marguerite Monnot
  12. At Last – Harry Warren, Mack Gordon

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