In April 1973.

In April 1973, “Fantasy” label released “The Blue Ridge Rangers”, the first John Fogerty solo album. It was recorded in 1973, and was produced by John Fogerty.

Track listing:

  1. Blue Ridge Mountain Blues – traditional
  2. Somewhere Listening (For My Name) – Archie Brownlee
  3. You’re the Reason – Fred Henley, Terry Fell, Mildred Imes, Bobby Edwards
  4. Jambalaya (On the Bayou) – Hank Williams
  5. She Thinks I Still Care – Dickey Lee Lipscomb, Steve Duffy
  6. California Blues (Blue Yodel #4) – Jimmie Rodgers
  7. Workin’ on a Building – traditional
  8. Please Help Me, I’m Falling – Don Robertson, Hal Blair
  9. Have Thine Own Way, Lord – Adelaide A. Pollard, George C. Stebbins
  10. I Ain’t Never – Mel Tillis, Webb Pierce
  11. Hearts of Stone – Rudy Jackson, Eddy Ray
  12. Today I Started Loving You Again – Merle Haggard, Bonnie Owens

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