In April 1972.

In April 1972, “Capitol” label released “Annie”, the sixth Anne Murray studio album. It was recorded in 1972, at “Eastern Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Brian Ahern.The album front cover was by Dean Torrence of Jan & Dean Fame.


  • Anne Murray – vocals
  • Andy Cree
  • Bill Speer
  • Brent Titcomb
  • Brian Ahern
  • Don Thompson
  • Skip Beckwith

Track listing:

  1. Robbie’s Song for Jesus – Robbie MacNeill
  2. Falling Into Rhyme – Maribeth Solomon
  3. I Like Your Music – Sonny Curtis
  4. Everything Has Got to Be Free – Bodie Chandler
  5. Drown Me – Peter Cornell
  6. You Can’t Have a Hand on Me – Billy Gale
  7. You Made My Life a Song – Sonny Curtis
  8. You Can’t Go Back – Paul Grady
  9. Beautiful – Carole King
  10. Everything’s Been Changed – Paul Anka

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