In April 1968.

In March 1968, “Mainstream Records” label released “Journey to the Center of the Mind”, the second  Amboy Dukes album. It was recorded in 1967, and was produced by Bob Shad.


  • John (J.B.) Drake – vocals
  • Ted Nugent– lead guitar
  • Steve Farmer– rhythm guitar, vocals
  • Greg Arama – bass
  • Dave Palmer – drums
  • Andy Solomon –organ, piano, vocals

Track listing:

  1. Mississippi Murderer – Ted Nugent,Steve Farmer
  2. Surrender to Your Kings – Ted Nugent
  3. Flight of the Byrd – Ted Nugent
  4. Scottish Tea – Ted Nugent
  5. Slingshot – Ted Nugent, Steve Farmer
  6. Journey to the Center of the Mind – Ted Nugent, Steve Farmer
  7. Ivory Castles – Steve Farmer
  8. Why Is a Carrot More Orange Than an Orange – Steve Farmer
  9. Missionary Mary – Steve Farmer
  10. Death Is Life – Steve Farmer
  11. Saint Philips Friend – Steve Farmer
  12. I’ll Prove I’m Right – Steve Farmer
  13. Conclusion – Ted Nugent, Steve Farmer

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