In March 1984.

In March 1984, “SST” label released “My War”, the second Black Flag studio album. It was recorded in December 1983, at “Total Access Recording” in Redondo Beach, California, and was produced by Greg Ginn, Spot and Bill Stevenson.


  • Henry Rollins– vocals
  • Greg Ginn– guitar, bass
  • Bill Stevenson– drums
  • Spot– engineer, mixing
  • Raymond Pettibon– artwork

Track listing:

  1. My War – Chuck Dukowski
  2. Can’t Decide – Greg Ginn
  3. Beat My Head Against the Wall – Greg Ginn
  4. I Love You – Chuck Dukowski
  5. Forever Time – Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins
  6. The Swinging Man – Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins
  7. Nothing Left Inside – Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins
  8. Three Nights – Greg Ginn, Henry Rollins
  9. Scream – Greg Ginn

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