In February 1975.


In February 1975, “Reprise” label released “Cold on the Shoulder”, the eleventh Gordon Lightfoot album. It was recorded in September – December 1974, at “Eastern Sound” in Toronto, and was produced by Lenny Waronker.


  • Gordon Lightfoot – guitar , piano
  • Pee Wee Charles – steel guitar
  • Terry Clements – guitar
  • Nick DeCaro – accordion
  • Jim Gordon- drums
  • Rick Haynes – bass
  • Milt Holland- percussion
  • Suzie McCune – vocals
  • Red Shea – guitar
  • John Stockfish – bass
  • Jackie Ward Singers- vocals
  • Jack Zaza – wind

Track listing:

All tracks by Gordon Lightfoot:

  1. Bend in the Water
  2. Rainy Day People
  3. Cold on the Shoulder
  4. The Soul is the Rock
  5. Bells of the Evening
  6. Rainbow Trout
  7. A Tree too Weak to Stand
  8. All the Lovely Ladies
  9. Fine as Fine Can Be
  10. Cherokee Bend
  11. Now and Then
  12. Slide on Over



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