On January 22, 2016.


On January 22, 2016, “Drag City Records” label released “Emotional Mugger”, the eighth Ty Segall studio album. It was recorded in 2015, and was produced by Ty Segall and F. Bermudez.


  • Ty Segall- vocals, guitar, keyboards, bass guitar, drums, percussion, recording
  • Emmett Kelly- guitar
  • Cory Hanson- keyboards
  • Mikal Cronin- bass guitar, handclaps
  • Dale Crover- drums
  • Charles Moothart- drums
  • Evan Burrows- drums, ‘Oooohs’
  • King Tuff- vocals
  • The Lollipop Children – vocals
  • Brit Manor – vocals
  • Bermudez – recording
  • Scott Cornish – mixing engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Ty Segall, except where noted.

  1. Squealer
  2. Californian Hills
  3. Emotional Mugger / Leopard Priestess
  4. Breakfast Eggs
  5. Diversion – Eddy Grant
  6. Baby Big Man (I Want a Mommy)
  7. Mandy Cream
  8. Candy Sam
  9. Squealer Two – Ty Segall, Cory Hanson
  10. U.O.T.W.S.
  11. The Magazine



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