On November 29, 1994.


On November 29, 1994, “Demon” label released “The Impossible Bird”, the ninth Nick Lowe album. It was recorded in 1994, at “The Turk’s Head Function Room” in Twickenham, Middlesex; “The Old Cinema” in Brentford, Middlesex and “The Bonaparte Rooms”, in Twickenham, Middlesex, and was produced by Nick Lowe and Neil Brockbank.


  • Nick Lowe – vocals, rhythm and acoustic guitar, bass guitar
  • Gary Grainger– guitar
  • Geraint Watkins– organ, electric guitar
  • Bill Kirchen– trombone, electric guitar
  • Paul Riley– bass guitar
  • Robert Treherne– drums

Track listing:

All tracks by Nick Lowe, except where noted.

  1. Soulful Wind
  2. The Beast in Me
  3. True Love Travels on a Gravel Road – Dallas Frazier, L. Owens
  4. Trail of Tears – Roger Cook, Allen Reynolds
  5. Shelley My Love
  6. Where’s My Everything?
  7. 12-Step Program (To Quit You Babe)
  8. Lover Don’t Go
  9. Drive-Thru Man
  10. Withered on the Vine
  11. I Live on a Battlefield – Paul Carrack, Nick Lowe
  12. 14 Days
  13. I’ll Be There – Ray Price, Rusty Gabbard

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