On November 21, 2011.


On November 21, 2011, “Fish People” label released “50 Words for Snow”, the tenth studio Kate Bush album.It was recorded 2010 – 2011, and was produced by Kate Bush.


  • Kate Bush– chorus vocals, bass, piano, vocals, backing vocals, keyboards
  • Albert McIntosh – lead vocals
  • Andy Fairweather Low– featured vocals
  • Dan McIntosh – guitar
  • Danny Thompson– bass
  • Del Palmer– bass, bells
  • Elton John– featured vocal
  • John Giblin– bass
  • Michael Wood – featured vocals
  • Stefan Roberts – featured vocals
  • Stephen Fry (as Prof. Joseph Yupik) – featured vocals
  • Steve Gadd– drums
  • Recorded by Del Palmer
  • Additional recording by Stephen W. Tayler
  • Mixed by Stephen W. Tayler
  • Assisted by Stanley Gabriel
  • Additional assistants: Jim Jones, Robert Houston, Patrick Phillips and Kris Burton
  • Mastered by Doug Sax and James Guthrie
  • Assisted by Eric Boulanger
  • Orchestral arrangements by Jonathan Tunick
  • Orchestra conducted by Jonathan Tunick
  • Recorded by Simon Rhodes
  • Assisted by Chris Bolster and John Barrett

Track listing:

All tracks by Kate Bush.

  1. Snowflake
  2. Lake Tahoe
  3. Misty
  4. Wild Man
  5. Snowed in at Wheeler Street
  6. 50 Words for Snow
  7. Among Angels

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