On November 18, 1997.


On November 18, 1997, “Warner Bros” label released “Songs from The Capeman”, the ninth Paul Simon solo studio album. It was recorded in 1997, and was produced by Roy Halee. The songs retell the story of Salvador Agron, who was known as the “Capeman”.


  • Paul Simon – vocals, acoustic guitar
  • Arlen Roth, Paul Livant, Steve Cropper, Vincent Nguini, Wally Richardson – guitar
  • Harper Simon– guitar, harmonica
  • Robby Turner – pedal steel guitar
  • Diomedes Matos – acoustic guitar
  • Saturnino Laboy – acoustic guitar
  • Oriente Lopez – organ, electric piano, flute
  • Oscar Hernandez – piano, synthesizer, celesta, vibraphone, glockenspiel
  • Horace Ott, Paul Griffin- piano
  • Mark Ramos – accordion
  • Bakithi Kumalo, Jay Leonhart, John Beal, Rubén Rodriguez, Tony Garnier– bass
  • Bernie Minoso– bass guitar
  • Richard Crooks, Shannon Ford– drums
  • Robby Ameen– drums, percussion
  • Eddie Montalvo– congas
  • Jimmy Sabater– congas, cowbell
  • Pablo Nuñez– bongos, cowbell
  • Bobby Allende – bongos, cymbal, bell tree
  • Milton Cardona – bongos, maracas, claves, congas, guirom backing vocals
  • Danny Rivera– coro
  • Edgardo Miranda– cuatro
  • Nelson González– tres
  • Johnny Andrews– timbales
  • Marc Quinones – timbales, congas
  • ‘Crusher’ Bennett– shaker
  • Bob Franceschini– soprano saxophone
  • Chris Eminizer, Mitch Frohman– tenor saxophone
  • David Mann– tenor and baritone saxophone
  • Bill Holloman – tenor saxophone, trumpet
  • Pablo Calogero– baritone saxophone, bass clarinet
  • Luis Lopéz, Ozzie Melendez– trombone
  • David “Piro” Rodríguez, John Walsh, Ray Vega– trumpet
  • Barry Danielian– flugelhorne
  • Stewart Rose– French horn
  • Marcia Butler– oboe
  • Krista Feeney, Paul Peabody– violin
  • Juliet Haffner- viola
  • Laura Bontrager – cello
  • Angel Ramirez, Angelo Aponte, Bobby Bright, Briz, David Davila, DeWayne Snype, Derrick James, Dionte Sutton, Ed Vasquez, Edgar Stewart, Hans Giraldo, Hechter Ubarry, Karen Bernod, Kevin Harrison, Kia Jeffries, Luis Marrero, Myrna Gomila, Nestor Sanchez, Ray De La Paz, Renee Connell-Adams, Robert Vargas, Sean Pulley, Teana Rodriguez, Trent Sutton– backing vocals
  • Stanley Silverman- orchestration
  • Roy Halee – recording
  • Andy Smith – recording, mixing
  • Bob Ludwig – mastering
  • Bob Crowley – artwork
  • Frank Olinsky – design
  • Sigrid Nama – photography
  • Nitin Vadukul – photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Paul Simon, with co-lyrics by Derek Walcott.

  1. Adios Hermanos
  2. Born in Puerto Rico
  3. Satin Summer Nights
  4. Bernadette
  5. The Vampires
  6. Quality
  7. Can I Forgive Him
  8. Sunday Afternoon
  9. Killer Wants to Go to College
  10. Time Is an Ocean
  11. Virgil
  12. Killer Wants to Go to College II
  13. Trailways Bus
  14. Shoplifting Clothes
  15. Born in Puerto Rico
  16. Can I Forgive Him

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