On November 15, 1970.


On November 15, 1970, “Warner Bros” label released “His Band and the Street Choir”, the fourth Van Morrison studio album. It was recorded March–July 1970, at the “A&R Recording Studios” in New York City, and was produced by Van Morrison.


  • Van Morrison –vocals, guitar, harmonica, tenor saxophone
  • John Platania– electric and acoustic guitars, mandolin
  • Alan Hand – piano, Hammond organ, celeste
  • John Klingberg –bass
  • Dahaud Shaar (David Shaw) –drums, percussion, bass clarinet, backing vocals
  • Jack Schroer– soprano, alto, and baritone saxophones, piano
  • Keith Johnson –trumpet, Hammond organ
  • Judy Clay– backing vocals
  • Emily Houston– backing vocals
  • Jackie Verdell– backing vocals

The Street Choir

  • Larry Goldsmith
  • Janet Planet
  • Andrew Robinson
  • Ellen Schroer
  • Dahaud Shaar (David Shaw)
  • Martha Velez
  • Dahaud Shaar – assistant producer
  • Elliot Scheiner– engineer, production coordinator
  • Dixon Van Winkle, Ed Anderson, Mark Harman, Richard Lubash – engineer assistant
  • Janet Planet – design
  • David Gahr– photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Van Morrison.

  1. Domino
  2. Crazy Face
  3. Give Me a Kiss (Just One Sweet Kiss)
  4. I’ve Been Working
  5. Call Me Up in Dreamland
  6. I’ll Be Your Lover, Too
  7. Blue Money
  8. Virgo Clowns
  9. Gypsy Queen
  10. Sweet Jannie
  11. If I Ever Needed Someone
  12. Street Choir

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