On October 21, 2002.


On October 21, 2002, “Hut Records” label released “Human Conditions”, the second Richard Ashcroft solo studio album. It was recorded in 2002, and was produced by Chris Potter and Richard Ashcroft.


  • Richard Ashcroft– vocals, guitar, percussion, bass, piano, Wurlitzer, keyboards
  • Chuck Leavell– piano, Hammond organ
  • Kate Radley– keyboards
  • Matt Clifford– Wurlitzer
  • Martyn Campbell– bass
  • Peter Salisbury– drums
  • Craig Wagstaff– percussion
  • Talvin Singh– tablas, beats, drones, shruti box, Duggi Tarang, M adal
  • Jim Hunt– flute, saxophone
  • The London Session Orchestra– strings
  • London Community Gospel Choir– choir
  • Richrd Robson – programming
  • Steve Sidelnyk– drum programming, programming
  • Brian Wilson– backing vocals, backing vocal arrangement
  • Wil Malone– orchestral arrangements, conducting

Track listing:

  1. Check the Meaning
  2. Buy It in Bottles
  3. Bright Lights
  4. Paradise
  5. God in the Numbers
  6. Science of Silence
  7. Man on a Mission
  8. Running Away
  9. Lord I’ve Been Trying
  10. Nature Is the Law

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