On October 21, 2002.


On October 21, 2002, “Transcopic “label released “The Kiss of Morning”, the fourth Graham Coxon solo studio album. It was recorded in 2002, at “Titanic Studios” in London, and was produced by Graham Coxon and Mike Pelanconi.


  • Graham Coxon — vocals, guitars, bass, drums, harmonica, percussion, sleeve painting
  • Louis Vause — piano, Fender Rhodes, Hammond organ
  • J. Cole— pedal steel
  • Mike Pelanconi— recording
  • Alex Huchinson — design
  • Anna Norlander — photography

Track listing:

All tracks by Graham Coxon.

  1. Bitter Tears
  2. Escape Song
  3. Locked Doors
  4. Baby, You’re Out of Your Mind
  5. It Aint No Lie
  6. Live Line
  7. Just Be Mine
  8. Do What You’re Told To
  9. Mountain of Regret
  10. Latte
  11. Walking Down the Highway
  12. Song for the Sick
  13. Good Times

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