On July 10, 1972.


On July 10, 1972, “RCA” label released “Son of Schmilsson”, the eighth Harry Nilsson album. It was recorded March–April 1972, at “Trident Studios” and “Apple Studio”in London, and was produced by Richard Perry.


  • Harry Nilsson– vocals, electric piano, acoustic guitar
  • Lowell George– guitar
  • George Harrison– slide guitar
  • Paul Keogh – guitar
  • Les Thatcher – guitar
  • Peter Frampton– electric guitar, acoustic guitar
  • Chris Spedding– bouzouki, electric guitar , acoustic guitar
  • John Uribe– acoustic guitar, electric guitar
  • Red Rhodes– pedal steel guitar
  • Nicky Hopkins– piano
  • Klaus Voormann– bass, saxophone, electric guitar
  • Ringo Starr – drums
  • Barry Morgan– drums
  • Ray Cooper– percussion, congas, tambourine
  • Milt Holland– percussion
  • Richard Perry– percussion, arrangements
  • The Henry Krein Quartet with Klaus Voormann – rhythm section
  • Henry Krein – accordion
  • Jim Price– trumpet, horn arrangements
  • Bobby Keys– trumpet, tenor saxophone, trombone
  • Del Newman– string arrangements
  • Pop Arts String Quartet – strings
  • Kirby Johnson– horn arrangements
  • Richard Mackey – tube, French horn
  • Vincent DeRosa– tube, French horn
  • David Duke – tube, French horn
  • Paul Buckmaster– orchestral arrangement
  • Senior Citizens of the Stepney & Pinner Choir Club No. 6, London, England – choir

Track listing:

All tracks by Harry Nilsson except where noted.

  1. Take 54
  2. Remember (Christmas)
  3. Joy
  4. Turn on Your Radio
  5. You’re Breakin’ My Heart
  6. Spaceman
  7. The Lottery Song
  8. At My Front Door – Ewart B. Abner, John C. Moore
  9. Ambush
  10. I’d Rather Be Dead – Harry Nilsson, Richard Perry
  11. The Most Beautiful World in the World

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