On June 30, 1993.


On June 30, 1993, “Dischord ” label released “In on the Kill Taker”, the third Fugazi studio album. It was recorded November–December 1992, at “Inner Ear Studios” in Arlington, Virginia, and was produced by Ted Niceley, Don Zientara , Ian Mackaye, Guy Picciotto, Joe Lally and Brendan Canty.


  • Ian Mackaye- vocals, guitar
  • Guy Picciotto- vocals, guitar
  • Joe Lally- bass
  • Brendan Canty– drums
  • Don Zientara– engineer
  • Jem Cohen, Jeremy Blake – design, texts
  • Jason Farrell– cover mechanic
  • Cynthia Connolly– carry out photo
  • The Spectra System – band photo

Track listing:

All tracks Guy Picciotto, Ian MacKaye, Joe Lally, and Brendan Canty.

  1. Facet Squared
  2. Public Witness Program
  3. Returning the Screw
  4. Smallpox Champion
  5. Rend It
  6. 23 Beats Off
  7. Sweet and Low
  8. Cassavetes
  9. Great Cop
  10. Walken’s Syndrome
  11. Instrument
  12. Last Chance for a Slow Dance

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