On June 17, 1997.


On June 17, 1997, “Luaka Bop” label released “Feelings” the fifth David Byrne solo album. It was recorded in 1997 and was produced by David Byrne, Joe Galdo, Paul Godfrey, Ross Godfrey, and Pete Norris.


  • David Byrne – vocals, guitar, keyboards, synthesizer, loops
  • Hahn Rowe– keyboards
  • Mark Saunders – keyboards
  • Mark Mothersbaugh– synthesizer, samples
  • Gerald Casale– bass, backing vocals
  • Greg Cohen– acoustic bass
  • Joe Galdo– drums, percussion
  • Black Cat Orchestra– Lori Goldston, Russ Meltzer, Don Crevie, Scott Granlund, Kyle Hanson, Matthew Sperry, Joseph Zajonc, Ed Pias
  • Ed Calle– saxophone
  • Dana Teboe– trombone
  • Ashley D. Horne– violin
  • Carlos Baptiste– violin
  • Juliet Haffner– viola
  • Nicholas Holland– cello
  • Pierre La Roux– fiddle
  • Betty Wright– backing vocals
  • Paula Cole– backing vocals
  • Stefan Sagmeister – cover art

Track listing:

All tracks by David Byrne, except where noted.

  1. Fuzzy Freaky – David Byrne, Daniele Fossati, Cristiano De André
  2. Miss America – David Byrne, Joe Galdo
  3. A Soft Seduction
  4. Dance on Vaseline
  5. Gates of Paradise
  6. Amnesia
  7. You Don’t Know Me
  8. Daddy Go Down
  9. Finite=Alright
  10. Wicked Little Doll
  11. Burnt by the Sun
  12. The Civil Wars
  13. Untitled
  14. They Are in Love

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