On June 17, 1997.


On June 17, 1997, “Reprise” label released “Ghostyhead”, the eight Rickie Lee Jones album. It was recorded in 1997, and was produced by Rickie Lee Jones and Rick Boston.


  • Rickie Lee Jones – vocals, guitar, bass, percussion, organ, piano
  • Rick Boston- guitar, bass, percussion, organ, piano, loops, programming
  • Boss Doctor – programming
  • Robert Devery – rhythm, Korg
  • John Leftwich – upright bass
  • Gerry Sutyak – cello
  • David Zeller – sheet metal
  • Jay Lane – foot trunk, cymbals
  • Josh Freese- live drums
  • Janeen Rae Heller – saw
  • Carol Es- live drums
  • Ronnje Siago – live drums
  • Lee Cantelon – backward guitar

Track listing:

All tracks by Rickie Lee Jones.

  1. Little Yellow Town
  2. Road Kill
  3. Matters
  4. Firewalker
  5. Howard
  6. Ghostyhead
  7. Sunny Afternoon
  8. Scary Chinese Movie
  9. Cloud of Unknowing
  10. Vessel of Light


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