On May 26, 1967.

Frank Zappa-Absolutely Free

On May 26, 1967, “Verve” label released “Absolutely Free”, the second Mothers of Invention album. It was recorded November 15–18, 1966, at “Sunset-Highland Studios of TTG”, and was produced by Tom Wilson and Frank Zappa.


  • Frank Zappa– vocals, guitar, conductor
  • Jimmy Carl Black– drums, vocals
  • Ray Collins– vocals, tambourine
  • Roy Estrada– bass, vocals
  • Billy Mundi– drums, percussion
  • Don Preston– keyboards
  • Jim Fielder– guitar, piano
  • Bunk Gardner– woodwinds
  • Suzy Creamcheese (Lisa Cohen) – vocals
  • John Balkin – bass
  • Jim Getzoff – violin
  • Marshall Sosson – violin
  • Alvin Dinkin – viola
  • Armand Kaproff – cello
  • Don Ellis– trumpet
  • John Rotella– contrabass clarinet
  • Herb Cohen– cash register machine sounds
  • Terry Gilliam, girlfriend and others – voices

Track listing:

All tracks by Frank Zappa.

  1. Plastic People
  2. The Duke of Prunes
  3. Amnesia Vivace
  4. The Duke Regains His Chops
  5. Call Any Vegetable
  6. Invocation & Ritual Dance of the Young Pumpkin
  7. Soft-Sell Conclusion
  8. America Drinks
  9. Status Back Baby
  10. Uncle Bernie’s Farm
  11. Son of Suzy Creamcheese
  12. Brown Shoes Don’t Make It
  13. America Drinks & Goes Home

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