On May 3, 1988.


On May 3, 1988, “Virgin” label released the self-titled, debut Madness (The) studio album. It was recorded 1988, and was produced by The Three Eyes and Steve Chase.


  • Suggs(Graham McPherson) – lead and backing vocals, piano, timbales
  • Chas Smash (Cathal Smyth) – lead and backing vocals, acoustic guitar, keyboards
  • Chris Foreman– guitar, sitar, synthaxe, piano
  • Lee Thompson– saxophones, flute, backing vocals
  • Steve Nieve– keyboards
  • Roy Davies– keyboards, Hammond organ
  • Ian Price –piano synthesizer
  • Jerry Dammers– piano, electronic organ, Hammond organ, hi hat
  • Seamus Beaghen –accordion, Keyboards, Hammond organ
  • Bruce Thomas– bass guitar
  • Earl Falconer– bass guitar
  • Dick Cuthell– horns, cowbell
  • Rick Walker– tenor saxophone
  • Andy Minnion –baritone saxophone
  • Malcolm Buck – tenor saxophone
  • Simon Driscoll – trombone
  • Esmail Sheik – tablas
  • Simon Phillips– drums
  • Lorenzo Hall – backing vocals
  • Anthony Lee Brian – backing vocals
  • Robbie Ellington – backing vocals
  • Steve Chase – engineer
  • Nick Froome – engineer
  • Hugh Padgham– mixing
  • Michael H. Brauer – mixing

Track listing:

  1. Nail Down the Days – Cathal Smyth
  2. What’s That – Cathal Smyth
  3. I Pronounce You – Lee Thompson, Cathal Smyth. Ronnie West
  4. Oh – Cathal Smyth
  5. In Wonder – Graham McPherson
  6. Song in Red – Cathal Smyth
  7. Nightmare Nightmare – Graham McPherson
  8. Thunder and Lightning – Graham McPherson, Chris Foreman
  9. Beat the Bride – Lee Thompson, Cathal Smyth
  10. Gabriel’s Horn – Cathal Smyth

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