On April 27, 1999.

Take Your Shoes Off

On April 27, 1999, “Rykodisc” label released “Take Your Shoes Off”, the twlve Robert Cray album. It was recorded in 1999, and was produced by Steve Jordan. The album won the 2000 “Grammy Award for Best Contemporary Blues Album”.


  • Robert Cray – vocals, guitar, bajo sexto
  • Steve Jordan– guitar, bajo sexto, keyboards, bass, drums, snare drum, percussion, background vocals
  • Jo-El Sonnier– accordion
  • Jim Horn– tenor and baritone saxophones
  • Bobby Keys, Jim Spake, Doug Moffet – tenor saxophone
  • James Mitchell – baritone saxophone
  • Scott Thompson – trumpet
  • Jack Hale – trombone
  • Jim Pugh – keyboards
  • Karl Sevareid – bass
  • Kevin Hayes – drums
  • The Nashelles – background vocals
  • The Memphis Horns– Andrew Love – tenor saxophone; Wayne Jackson – trumpet

Track listing:

  1. Love Gone to Waste – Tom Bingham, Willie Mitchell
  2. That Wasn’t Me – Robert Cray
  3. All the Way – Robert Cray, Sue Turner-Cray
  4. There’s Nothing Wrong – Robert Cray
  5. 24-7 Man – Mack Rice, Jon Tiven
  6. Pardon – Robert Cray
  7. Let Me Know – Robert Cray
  8. It’s All Gone – Steve Jordan, Meegan Voss
  9. Won’t You Give Him (One More Chance) – Joseph Martin, Winfield Scott
  10. Living Proof – Jim Pugh
  11. What About Me – Robert Cray
  12. Tollin’ Bells – Willie Dixon


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