On April 23, 1976.

Garvey's ghost

On April 23, 1976, “Island” label released “Garvey’s Ghost”, the fourth Burning Spear album. It was recorded in 1976, at “Randy’s Recording Studio” in North Parade, Kingston, Jamaica, and was produced by Lawrence Lindo. Each album track is a dub version of the same song from the band’s third album “Marcus Garvey”.


  • Winston Rodney- lead vocals
  • Delroy Hines- harmony vocals
  • Rupert Willington- harmony vocals
  • Tyrone “Organ D” Downie- piano, organ
  • Bernard “Touter” Harvey – piano, organ, clavinet
  • Earl “Chinna” Smith- lead guitar
  • Valentine “Tony” Chin– rhythm guitar
  • Robbie “Rabbi” Shakespeare- bass
  • Aston “Family Man” Barrett- bass
  • Leroy “Horsemouth” Wallace- drums
  • Bobby Ellis- trumpet
  • Vincent “Trommie” Gordon- trombone, clavinet
  • Carlton “Sam” Samuels – flute
  • Herman Marquis- alto saxophone
  • Richard “Dirty Harry” Hall- tenor saxophone
  • George Philpott, Errol Thompson – engineer
  • John Burns, Dick Cuthell – dubbing engineer

Track listing:

All tracks by Winston Rodney and Phillip Fullwood, except where noted.

  1. The Ghost
  2. I and I Survive
  3. Black Wa-Da-Da – Winston Rodney, C. Paisley, Philip.Fullwood
  4. John Burns Skank – Marcus Rodney, Mackba Rodney, Winston Rodney
  5. Brain Food – Winston Rodney
  6. Farther East of Jack
  7. 2000 Years – Delroy Hines, Rupert Willington, Winston Rodney
  8. Dread River – Winston Rodney, M. Lawrence, Philip Fullwood
  9. Workshop – Folkes, Winston Rodney, Philip Fullwood
  10. Reggaelation – Winston Rodney

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