On April 22, 1997.


On April 22, 1997, “Epitaph” label released “Full Circle”, the fourth Pennywise album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Total Access Recording” in Redondo Beach, California, and was produced by Jim Lindberg, Byron McMackin, Fletcher Dragge, Randy Bradbury and Eddie Ashworth.


  • Jim Lindberg – vocals, mixing
  • Fletcher Dragge – guitar, mixing
  • Randy Bradbury – bass, mixing
  • Byron McMackin – drums, mixing
  • Justin Thirsk – vocals
  • Ronnie King- piano
  • Eddie Ashworth- engineer, mixing
  • Milton Chan – mixing
  • Brett Gurewitz- mixing
  • Darian Rundall – assistant engineer, mixing
  • Eddy Schreyer – mastering
  • Fred Hidalgo – logo
  • Jesse Fischer – artwork

Track listing:

All tracks by Jim Lindberg, Byron McMackin, Fletcher Dragge and Randy Bradbury.

  1. Fight Till You Die
  2. Date with Destiny
  3. Get a Life
  4. Society
  5. Final Day
  6. Broken
  7. Running Out of Time
  8. You’ll Never Make It
  9. Every Time
  10. Nowhere Fast
  11. What If IGo Away
  12. Did You Really?
  13. Bro Hymn(Tribute)


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