On April 21, 1997.

In it for the money

On April 21, 1997, “Parlaphone” label released “In it for the Money”, the second Supergrass album. It was recorded in 1996, at “Sawmills Studio” in Cornwall, and was produced by Gaz Coombes, Rob Coombes, Mick Quinn, Danny Goffey and John Cornfield. In 1998, “Q” magazine readers voted “In it for the Money” the 68th greatest album of all time, and  in 2000, the same magazine ranked it at number 57 in its list of the “100 Greatest British Albums Ever”.


  • Gaz Coombes – lead vocal, guitar
  • Rob Coombez – keyboards
  • Mick Quinn – bass, backing vocals
  • Danny Goffey – drums, backing vocals

Track listing:

  1. In it for the Money
  2. Richard III
  3. Tonight
  4. Late in the Day
  5. G-Song
  6. Sun Hits the Sky
  7. Going Out
  8. It’s Not Me
  9. Cheapskate
  10. You Can See Me
  11. Hollow Little Reign
  12. Sometimes I Make You Sad

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