On April 21, 1978.


On April 21, 1978, “Polydor” label released “Bad Boy”, the seventh Ringo Starr studio album. It was recorded in November 1977, at “Elite Recording Studio” in  Bahamas, and “Can-Base Studio” in Vancouver, and was produced by Vini Poncia.


  • Ringo Starr – lead vocals, drums
  • Lon “Push-A-Tone” Van Eaton– guitar
  • Git-tar– rhythm guitar
  • Diesel– bass
  • Hamish Bissonnette– synthesizer
  • Vini Poncia’s Peaking Duck Orchestra and Chorus
  • Josh Kosh – design

Track listing;

  1. Who Needs a Heart – Richard Starkey, Vini Poncia
  2. Bad Boy – Lil Armstrong, Avon Long
  3. Lipstick Traces (On a Cigarette) – Naomi Neville
  4. Heart on My Sleeve – Gallagher and Lyle
  5. Where Did Our Love Go – Eddie Holland, Lamont Dozier, Brian Holland
  6. Hard Times – Peter Skellern
  7. Tonight – Ian McLagan, John Pidgeon
  8. Monkey See – Monkey Do – Michael Franks
  9. Old Time Relovin’ – Vini Poncia, Richard Starkey
  10. A Man Like Me – Ruan O’Lochlainn

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