On April 9, 1969.


On April 9, 1969, “Columbia” label released “Nashville Skyline”, the ninth Bob Dylan studio album. It was recorded in February 12–21, 1969, and was produced by Bob Johnston.


  • Bob Dylan– guitar, harmonica, keyboards, vocals
  • Norman Blake– guitar, Dobro
  • Kenneth A. Buttrey– drums
  • Johnny Cash– vocals
  • Fred Carter, Jr.- guitar
  • Charlie Daniels– bass guitar, guitar
  • Pete Drake– pedal steel guitar
  • Marshall Grant– bass guitar
  • S. Holland– drums
  • Charlie McCoy– guitar, harmonica
  • Bob Wilson –organ, piano
  • Bob Wootton– electric guitar
  • Charlie Bragg –engineering
  • Neil Wilburn – engineering

Track listing:

  1. Girl from the North Country
  2. Nashville Skyline Rag
  3. To Be Alone With You
  4. I Threw It All Away
  5. Peggy Day
  6. Lady Lady Lay
  7. One More Night
  8. Tell Me That Isn’t True
  9. Country Pie
  10. Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You

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