On April 4, 2000.


On April 4, 2000, “Sire” label released “Ecstasy”, the eighteenth Lou Reed album. It was recorded in 1999, at “Sear Sound” in NYC, and was produced by Lou Reed and Hal Willner. The cover photography is by Reed.


  • Lou Reed- vocals, guitar, percussion
  • Mike Rathke- guitar
  • Fernando Saunders- bass, background vocals
  • Tony “Thunder” Smith- drums, percussion, background vocals
  • Don Alias- percussion
  • Laurie Anderson- electric violin
  • Steven Bernstein- trumpet, horn arrangements
  • Doug Wieselman – baritone and tenor saxophone
  • Paul Shapiro- tenor saxophone
  • Jane Scarpantoni- cello

Track listing:

All tracks by Lou Reed

  1. Paranoia Key of E
  2. Mystic Child
  3. Mad
  4. Ecstasy
  5. Modern Dance
  6. Tatters
  7. Future Farmers of America
  8. Turning Time Around
  9. White Prism
  10. Rock Minuet
  11. Baton Rouge
  12. Like a Possum
  13. Rouge
  14. Big Sky

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