On March 27, 2000.


On March 27, 2000, “Decca” label released “Punishing Kiss”, studio album by Ute Lemper. It was recorded in 1999, at “The Town House” in London, and “Right Track Studios” in New York, and was produced by Jon Jacobs, Scott Walker and Hal Willner.


  • Ute Lemper – vocals, arranger
  • Stuart Bates – accordion, Hammond organ,
  • Ivor Talbot – guitar, mandolin, arranger
  • Bryan Mills – upright and electric bass, arranger
  • Miggy Barradas – drums, arranger
  • Rob Farrer – percussion, arranger
  • Joby Talbot – piano, keyboards, Cor Anglais, arranger, conductor, musical director
  • Andy Scade – engineer
  • Jon Jacobs – engineer, mixing
  • Jay Reynolds – engineer, mixing
  • Tim Burrell – mastering
  • Conor Brady – art direction
  • Lorenzo Agius – photography

Track listing:

  1. Little Water Song – Bruno Pisek, Nick Cave
  2. The Case Continues – Neil Hannon, Joby Talbot
  3. Passionate Fight – Elvis Costello, Steve Nieve
  4. Tango Ballad – Bertolt Brecht, Kurt Weill
  5. Couldn’t You Keep That to Yourself – Elvis Costello
  6. Streets of Berlin – Martin Sherman, Philip Glass
  7. The Part You Throw Away – Tom Waits, Kathleen Brennan
  8. Split – Neil Hannon, Joby Talbot
  9. Punishing Kiss – Elvis Costello, Cait O’Riordan
  10. Purple Avenue – Tom Waits
  11. You Were Meant For Me – Neil Hannon, Joby Talbot
  12. Scope J – Scott Walker

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