On March 7, 1969.

From Genesis to Revelation

On March 7, 1969, “Decca” label released “From Genesis to Revelation”, the first Genesis album.  It was recorded in September 1968, and was produced by Jonathan King.


  • Peter Gabriel: lead vocals, flute
  • Tony Banks: Farfisa and Hammond organs, acoustic and electric pianos, backing vocals
  • Anthony Phillips: acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals
  • Mike Rutherford: bass guitar, acoustic and electric guitars, backing vocals
  • John Silver: drums
  • Chris Stewart: drums
  • Arthur Greenslade, Lou Warburton – string and horn arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Anthony Phillips, Michael Rutherford, Peter Gabriel and Anthony Banks.

  1. Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
  2. In the Beginning
  3. Fireside Song
  4. The Serpent
  5. Am I Very Wrong
  6. In the Wilderness
  7. The Conqueror
  8. In Hiding
  9. One Day
  10. Window
  11. In Limbo
  12. Silent Sun
  13. A Place to Call My Own

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