On March 6, 1968.


On March 6, 1968, “Columbia” label released the debut self-titled album by “The United States of America”. It was recorded in December 1967, and was produced by David Rubinson.


  • Joseph Byrd– electronic music, electric  harpsichord,  organ, calliope, piano, vocals
  • Dorothy Moskowitz– lead vocals
  • Gordon Marron – electric violin, ring modulator, vocals
  • Rand Forbes – electric bass
  • Craig Woodson – electric drums, percussion
  • Ed Bogas– occasional organ, piano, calliope

Track listing:

  1. The American Metaphysical Circus – Joseph Byrd
  2. Hard Coming Love – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
  3. Cloud Song – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
  4. The Garden of Earthly Delights – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
  5. I Won’t Leave My Wooden Wife for You, Sugar – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
  6. Where Is Yesterday – Gordon Marron, Ed Bogas, Dorothy Moskowitz
  7. Coming Down – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz
  8. Love Song for the Dead Ché – Joseph Byrd
  9. Stranded in Time – Gordon Marron, Ed Bogas
  10. The American Way of Love
  • Metaphor for an Older Man – Joseph Byrd
  • California Good time Music – Joseph Byrd
  • Love Is All – Joseph Byrd, Dorothy Moskowitz, Rand Forbes, Craig Woodson and Gordon Marron

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