On January 11, 1970.


On January 11, 1970., “Columbia” label released “Chicago III”, the third Chicago studio album. It was recorded June to December 1970, at the “Columbia 30th Street Studios” in New York, and was produced by James William Guercio.


  • Peter Cetera – lead and backing vocals, bass guitar, pedal steel guitar
  • Terry Kath – lead and backing vocals, acoustic and electric guitars
  • Robert Lamm – lead and backing vocals, acoustic piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond organ, Hohner Pianet, tack piano, vibraphone, celesta
  • Lee Loughnane– trumpet
  • James Pankow– trombone, brass arrangements
  • Walter Parazaider– saxophones, flute
  • Danny Seraphine– drums, percussion, timbales
  • Nick Fasciano – logo design
  • John Berg – album design
  • Sandy Speiser – photography
  • Annette Kawecki, Melanie Marder – lettering

Track listing:

  1. Sing a Mean Tune Kid – Robert Lamm
  2. Loneliness Is Just a Word – Robert Lamm
  3. What Else Can I Say – Peter Cetera
  4. I Don’t Want Your Money – Terry Kath, Robert Lamm
  5. Travel Suite – Robert Lamm, Danny Seraphine, Terry Kath, Walter Parazaider
  6. Mother – Robert Lamm
  7. Lowdown – Peter cetera, Danny Seraphine
  8. An Hour in the Shower – Terry Kath
  9. Elegy – James Pankow, James William Guercio, Kendrew Lascelles

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