On December 4, 1970.


On December 4, 1970, “CBS” label released “The End of an Ear”, the debut Robert Wyatt solo studio album.  It was recorded in August 1970, at the “Sound Techniques” in London, and was produced by Robert Wyatt.


  • Robert Wyatt- drums, piano, organ, keyboards, harmonica
  • Neville Whitehead- bass
  • Mark Charig- cornet
  • Elton Dean- alto saxophone, saxello
  • Mark Ellidge – piano
  • Cyrille Ayers – assorted percussion
  • David Sinclair- organ

All tracks by Robert Wyatt; except where noted.

  1. Las Vegas Tango Part (repeat) – Gil Evans
  2. To Mark Everywhere
  3. To Saintly Bridget
  4. To Oz Alien Daevyd and Gilly
  5. To Nick Everyone
  6. To Caravan and Brother Jim
  7. To the Old World (Thank You For the Use of Your Body, Goodbye)
  8. To Carla, Marsha and Caroline (For Making Everything Beautifuller)
  9. Las Vegas Tango Part 1 – Gil Evans



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