On September 30, 1977.

New Boots and Panties

On September 30, 1977, “Stiff Records” released “New Boots and Panties!!”, the debut Ian Dury album. It was recorded in 1977, at “The Workhouse” in London, and was was produced by Peter Jenner, Laurie Latham and Rick Walton. The album was certified Platinum in the UK by the “BPI”, and was among the UK’s 30 best selling albums of both 1978 and 1979.


  • Ian Dury– vocals
  • Chaz Jankel– guitars, keyboards
  • Edward Speight – ballad guitar
  • Geoff Castle – Moog synthesizer
  • Norman Watt-Roy– bass
  • Charley Charles – drums
  • Davey Payne– saxophones
  • Chris Gabrin – photography
  • Barney Bubbles– brush lettering

All tracks by Ian Dury and Chaz Jankel, except where noted.

  1. Wake Up and Make Love with Me
  2. Sweet Gene Vincent
  3. I’m Partial to Your Abracadabra
  4. My Old Man – Ian Dury, Steve Nugent
  5. Billericay Dickie – Ian Dury, Steve Nugent
  6. Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll
  7. Clevor Trever
  8. If I Was With a Woman
  9. Blockheads
  10. Plaistow Patricia – Ian Dury, Steve Nugent
  11. Blackmail Man – Ian Dury, Steve Nugent

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