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On February 22, 2013.

On February 22, 2013, “Synthetic Symphony” label released “Shadowlands”, the forty-first Klaus Schulze album. It was recorded in 2012 and was produced by Klaus Schulze.


  • Klaus Schulze – electronics
  • Lisa Gerrard– vocals
  • Crysta Bell– vocals
  • Julia Messenger– vocals
  • Thomas Kagermann– vocals, violin, flute

Track listing:

All tracks by Klaus Schulze.

  1. Shadolights
  2. In Between
  3. Licht und Schatten
  4. The Rhodes Violin
  5. Tibetan Loops


On January 14, 2004.

On January 14, 2004, “Arion Records/Sound Resources” label released “Shadowlands”, the seventh Glass Hammer studio album.


  • Fred Schendel – leadand backing vocals, steel, electric and acoustic guitars, Hammond Organ, piano, pipe  organ,  keyboards,  synthesizers,  Mellotron, drums, percussion
  • Steve Babb – lead and backing vocals, 4-string and 8-string bass guitars, synthesizers, keyboards, pipe organ, Hammond organ, taurus pedels, Mellotron, percussion
  • Flo Paris – lead vocals
  • Susie Bogdanowicz – lead and backing vocals
  • Walter Moore – lead and backing vocals
  • Sarah Snyder – backing vocals
  • Bethany Warren – backing vocals

 Track listing:

  1. So Close, So Far
  2. Run Lisette
  3. Farewell to Shadowlands
  4. Longer
  5. Behind the Great Beyond