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In February 1969.


In February 1969, “Polydor Brazil” label released “Mutantes”, the second Os Mutantes album. It was recorded in December 1968, “Estúdio Scatena”, and was produced by Manoel Bareinbein. “Rolling Stone Brazil” magazine ranked the album songs, “2001” at number 90 on the list of the “Greatest Brazilian Songs”, and the album was ranked at number 44 on the magazine’s list of the “Best Brazilian Albums in History”.


  • Arnaldo Baptista: vocals, bass and keyboards
  • Rita Lee: vocals, percussion, theremin, autoharp, recorder
  • Sérgio Dias: guitars, vocals, bass; drums
  • Dinho Leme(credited as “Sir Ronaldo I Du Rancharia”): drums
  • Zé do Rancho& Mariazinha – (respectively) Viola caipira (Brazilian country acoustic guitar) and accordion; vocals
  • Cláudio César Dias Baptista(simply credited as “Claudio”) – electronics construction (regulus guitar, golden guitar])
  • Rogério Duprat: Orchestral arrangements

Track listing:

All tracks by Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee and Sérgio Dias except where noted.

  1. Dom Quixote
  2. Não Vá Se Perder Por Aí – Raphael Vilardi, Roberto Loyola
  3. Dia 36 – Arnaldo Baptista, Johnny Dandurand, Rita Lee, Sérgio Dias
  4. 2001 – Rita Lee, Tom Ze
  5. Algo Mias
  6. Fuga Nº II dos Mutantes
  7. Banho de Lua (Tintarella di Luna) – Filippi, F. Migiacci – Version: Fred Jorge
  8. Ritta Lee
  9. Magica
  10. Qualquer Bobagem – Arnaldo Baptista, Rita Lee, Sergio Dias, Tom Ze
  11. Caminhante Noturno