Parketi: Griža na sovesta

On January 7, 1996, Parketi self-released “Griža na sovesta”, bands debut album.


  • Sašo Parket – vocal, guitar, arrangements
  • Sims Sebastijan Parket – guitar, arrangements
  • Pece Parket – bass, arrangements
  • Slave Parket – drums, arrangements
  • Aleksandar Sotirovski – design

Track listing:

All tracks by Saso Parket, Sims Sebastijan Parket, Pece Parket and Slave Parket.

  1. Kafeavi djudjinja
  2. Osa
  3. Lieben Wir
  4. Muvi
  5. It’s Not You
  6. Edno mleko, edno kafe
  7. Najmnogu na celiot svet
  8. Akumulator
  9. Portokali
  10. Globus
  11. Bombona

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