In July 1971.

In July 1971, “Warner Bros” label released “Stop Your Motor”, the sixth Associations (The) studio album. It was recorded in 1971, and was produced by Jules Alexander, Larry Ramos, Jim Yester, Richard Thompson, Terry Kirkman, Brian Cole, Ted Bluechel Jr, John Tartaglia, Randy Steirling and Ray Pohlman.


  • Jules Alexander – vocals, lead guitar
  • Larry Ramos – vocals, lead guitar
  • Jim Yester – vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards
  • Richard Thompson – keyboards
  • Terry Kirkman – vocals, wind instruments, percussion
  • Brian Cole – vocals, bass, woodwinds
  • Ted Bluechel Jr. – drums, rhythm guitar, bass
  • Michael Shields – engineer
  • Stan Ross – engineer
  • James Metropole – photography
  • Patrick Colecchio – album coordinator

Track listing:

  1. Bring Yourself Home – Ted Bluechel
  2. Funny Kind of Song – Jules Alexander
  3. That’s Racin’ – Terry Kirkman
  4. P.F. Sloan – Jimmy Webb
  5. Silver Morning – Terry Kirkman
  6. It’s Gonna Be Real – Larry Ramos
  7. The First Sound – Terry Kirkman, Richard Thompson
  8. Along the Way – Jim Yester
  9. Traveller’s Guide (Spanish Flyer) – Brian Cole
  10. Seven Virgins – Jimmie Spheeris

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