In May 1972.

In May 1972, “Mo West” label released “Chameleon”, the 17th Four Seasons (The) album. It was recorded in 1972, and was produced by Bob Gaudio.


  • Frankie Valli – vocals
  • Bob Gaudio – vocals, keyboards, piano
  • Billy DeLoach – vocals, keyboards
  • Lee Shapiro – vocals, keyboards
  • Joe Long – vocals, bass guitar
  • Demetri Callas – vocals, guitar
  • Paul Wilson – drums
  • Al Ruzicka – keyboards
  • Clay Jordan – guitar

Track listing:

  1. A New Beginning (prelude) – Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio
  2. Sun Country – Bob Gaudio
  3. You’re a Song (That I Can’t Sing) – Bob Gaudio, Brit Gaudio
  4. The Night – Al Ruzicka, Bob Gaudio
  5. A New Beginning – Bob Crewe, Bob Gaudio
  6. When the Morning Comes – Bob Gaudio
  7. Poor Fool – Al Ruzicka
  8. Touch the Rainchild – Al Ruzicka, Bob Gaudio
  9. Love Isn’t Here (Like it Used to Be) – Bob Gaudio, Britt Gaudio

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