James Yorkston: The Wide. Wide River

On January 22, 2021, “Domino” label released “The Wide, Wide River”, the tenth James Yorkston album. It was recorded in 2020, and was produced by Karl-Jonas Winqvist and James Yorkston.


  • James Yorkston – vocals, guitar, piano
  • Peter Morén – vocals, electric guitar
  • Emma Nordenstam – vocals, cello, piano
  • Daniel Bengtsson – bass guitar
  • Karl-Jonas Winqvist – vocals, drums, percussion, bells
  • Ulrika “Ullis” Gyllenberg – vocals, violin
  • Cecilia Österholm – vocals, nyckelharpa
  • Felix Wickman – vocals, electric guitar, omnichord
  • Lars Frederick Swahn – vocals, bass guitar, electric guitar, keyboards
  • Per Lager – drums
  • Ylva Ceder – vocals, English horn
  • Lina Langendorf – flute
  • Daniel “Våldet” Holmström – flugelhorn

Track listing:

All tracks by James Yorkston, except where noted.

  1. Ella Mary Leather
  2. To Soothe Her Wee Bit Sorrows
  3. Choices, Like Wide Rivers
  4. Struggle
  5. There Is No Upside
  6. A Droplet Forms
  7. A Very Old Fashioned Blues
  8. We Test the Beams

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