On June 23, 2009.

On June 23, 2009, “Triple Crown Records” label released “Act III: Life and Death”, the third Dear Hunter (The) studio album. It was recorded in 2009, in band’s studio in Providence, Rhode Island, and was produced by Casey Crescenzo and Andy Wildrick.


  • Casey Crescenzo – vocals, piano, organ, synthesizer, guitar, bass, banjo, engineer
  • Andy Wildrick – vocals, acoustic and electric guitar, engineer
  • Erick Serna – vocals, guitars
  • Nick Crescenzo – vocals, drums, percussion
  • Nate Patterson – bass
  • Austin Hatch – clarinet, saxophone
  • Pasquale Lanelli – saxophone
  • Dave Calzone – trombone
  • Andrew Mericle – trumpet
  • Samantha Conway – French horn
  • Charles Lidell – cello
  • Angela Preston – violin, viola
  • Mark Adelle – violin
  • Lynn Mira – harp
  • Mike Watts – mixing
  • Mike Watts – mixing

Track listing:

All tracks by Casey Crescenzo.

  1. Writing on a Wall
  2. In Cauda Venenum
  3. What It Means to be Alone
  4. The Tank
  5. The Poison Woman
  6. The Thief
  7. Mustard Gas
  8. Saved
  9. He Said He Had a Story
  10. This Beautiful Life
  11. Go Get Your Gun
  12. Son
  13. Father
  14. Life and Death

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