Motion City Soundtrack: Go

On June 12, 2012, “Epitaph” and “The Boombox Generation” labels released “Go”, the fifth Motion City Soundtrack studio album. It was recorded June – October 2011, at “Flowers Studio” in Minneapolis, Minnesota, and was produced by Ed Ackerson.


  • Justin Pierre – lead vocals, guitar
  • Joshua Cain – vocals, guitar
  • Jesse Johnson – Moog, keyboard
  • Matt Taylor – bass guitar, keyboards, programming, string arrangements
  • Tony Thaxton – drums, percussion
  • Dan Lawonn – cello
  • Erica Burton – viola
  • Josh Misner – violin
  • Zachary Scanlan – violin
  • The Laurels String Quartet
  • Chris Shaw – mixing
  • Peter Anderson – engineer assistant
  • Bradley Hale – art direction, design

Track listing:

All lyrics by Justin Pierre, all music by Justin Pierre, Joshua Cain, Jesse Johnson, Matt Taylor and Tony Thaxton.

  1. Circuits and Wires
  2. True Romance
  3. Son of a Gun
  4. Timelines
  5. Everyone Will Die
  6. The Coma Kid
  7. Boxelder
  8. The Worst Is Yet to Come
  9. Bad Idea
  10. Happy Anniversary
  11. Floating Down the River

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