Do Make Say Think: Stubborn Persistent Illusions

On May 19, 2017, “Constellation” label released “Stubborn Persistent Illusions”, the seventh Do Make Say Think album. It was recorded 2014 – 2016, and was produced by Ohad Benchetrit, David Mitchell. James Payment, Justin Small and Charles Spearin.


  • Ohad Benchetrit – guitar, keyboard, horns
  • Justin Small – guitar, keyboard
  • Charles Spearin – guitar, bass, keyboard, horns
  • David Mitchell – drums
  • James Payment – drums
  • Julie Penner – violin
  • Michael Barth – trumpet
  • Leon Kingstone – baritone saxophone
  • Adam Marvy – trumpet

Track listing:

  1. War on Torpor
  2. Horripilation
  3. A Murder of Thoughts
  4. Bound…
  5. and Boundless
  6. Her Eyes on the Horizon
  7. d=3.57√h (As Far as the Eye Can See)
  8. Shlomo’s Son
  9. Return, Return Again

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