On August 10, 2018.

On August 10, 2018, “Triple Crown Records” label released “Nearer My God” the third Foxing studio album. It was recorded in 2018, at “4 Stock Studio”, and was produced by Chris Walla and Eric Hudson.


  1. Eric Hudson – vocals, guitar, arranger, engineer
  2. Conor Murphy – vocals, guitar, trumpet, sampler, engineer
  3. Chris Walla – bass, guitar, keyboards, percussion, slapstick, engineer, mixing
  4. Josh Coll – bass, synthesizer, sampler
  5. Jon Hellwig – drums, sampler
  6. Chris Apps – bagpipes
  7. Madeline Lackey – vocals
  8. Sean Pierce – alto saxophone
  9. Sarah Wahoff – violin
  10. Ian Jones- electronics
  11. Hayden Molinarolo – layout, photography, typography
  12. Joe Reinhart – engineer
  13. Mike V. Davis – engineer, mixing, editing
  14. Joe Lambert – mastering
  15. Ryan Wasoba – editing

Track listing:

All lyrics by Conor Murphy, all music by Conor Murphy, Enrique Sampson, Eric Hudson, Jon Hellwig

  1. Grand Paradise
  2. Slapstick
  3. Lich Prince
  4. Game shark
  5. Nearer My God
  6. Five Cups
  7. Heartbeats
  8. Trapped in Dillard’s
  9. Bastardizer
  10. Crown Candy
  11. Won’t Drown
  12. Lambert

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