On October 30, 2008.

On October 30, 2008, “Wolfwork” label released “Out of the Tunnel’s Mouth”, the 20th Steve Hackett studio album. It was recorded 2008 – 2009, and was produced by Steve Hackett and Roger King.


  • Steve Hackett – vocals, guitars
  • Amanda Lehmann – vocals
  • Anthony Phillips– 12 string guitar
  • Roger King – keyboards, programming
  • Nick Beggs– bass guitar, Chapman stick
  • Dick Driver – double bass
  • Chris Squire– bass guitar
  • Rob Townsend – soprano sax
  • John Hackett– flute
  • Ferenc Kovacs – violin
  • Christine Townsend – violin, viola
  • Lauren King, Jo Lehmann – backing vocals
  • Egerhazi Attila, Barabas Tamas, Kovacs Ferenc, Kovacs Zoltan, Banai Szilard, Steve Hackett, Jo Lehmann – anklung

Track listing:

  1. Fire on the Moon – Steve Hackett
  2. Nomads – Steve Hackett, Jo Lehmann
  3. Emerald and Ash – Steve Hackett, Roger King
  4. Tubehead – Steve Hackett, Roger King
  5. Sleepers – Steve Hackett, Nick Clabburn, RogerKing, Jo Lehmann
  6. Ghost in the Glass – Steve Hackett, Roger King
  7. Still Waters – Steve Hackett, Jo Lehmann
  8. Last Train to Istanbul – Steve Hackett, Roger King, Jo Lehmann

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