On October 5, 2010.

On October 5, 2010, “Wind-Up” label released “Life Turns Electric”, the fifth Finger Eleven studio album. It was recorded January – June 2010, at “Wind-up Studios” in New York City, and was produced by James Black, Rick Jacket, Gregg Wattenberg and Ross Peterson.


  • Scott Anderson – vocals
  • James Black – guitar, vocals
  • Rick Jackett – guitar
  • Sean Anderson – bass
  • Rich Beddoe – drums
  • Ross Petersen – engineering, editing
  • John Alicastro, Keith Armstrong, Nik Karpen – assistant engineering
  • Chris Lord-Alge, Brad Townsend, Andrew Schubert, Rich Costey, Charles L. Stavish Jr. – mixing
  • Ryan Smith, Ted Jensen – mastering
  • James Black – art direction
  • Mike Mongillo, Michelle Lukianovich – concept art

Track listing:

.All tracks by Scott Anderson, James Black, Rick Jackett, Sean Anderson and Rich Beddoe, except where noted.

  1. Any Moment Now
  2. Pieces Fit
  3. Whatever Doesn’t Kill Me
  4. Living in a Dream – Scott Anderson, James Black, Rick Jackett, Sean Anderson, Rich Beddoe,, Gregg Wattenberg
  5. Good Intentions
  6. Stone Soul
  7. Ordinary Life
  8. Don’t Look Down
  9. Famous Last Words
  10. Love’s What You Left Me With

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