On August 8, 2011.

On August 8, 2011, “Peatbog Records” label released “Dust”, the sixth Peatbog Faeries studio album. It was recorded in 2011, at “Orbost and Cumbernauld College” in Scotland, and was produced by Calum MacLean.


  • Peter Morrison – pipes; whistles
  • Peter Tickell – fiddle; effects
  • Graeme Stafford – keyboards
  • Stu Haikney – drums
  • Tom Salter – guitars
  • Innes Hutton – bass
  • John Paterson , Michael Callaghan, Chris Hattie, Peter Alexander Macdonald – recording engineer
  • Calum Mclean – mix engineer

Track listing:

  1. Calgary Capers
  2. The Naughty Step
  3. Dun Beag
  4. Spiegel and Nongo
  5. Passport Panic
  6. Abhainn a’ Nathair (River of Snakes)
  7. Marx Terrace
  8. Bunny for Breakfast
  9. Ascent of Conival
  10. Fishing at Orbost
  11. Room 215

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